We are Awesome Entertainment, a team dedicated to igniting creativity and providing a variety of DIY activities that tap into your inner artist and crafter. But that’s not where our creative journey ends. We also take immense pride in curating and offering exceptional handcrafted candles, designed to infuse warmth and elegance into any space.

Cookies Candles

Crafted with meticulous detail, not only resembles real cookies but also releases a mouthwatering fragrance that mimics the sweet scent of chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.


Sawdust Dessert Candle
A deliciously creative way to bring warmth and sweetness to your home! Embrace the sweet art of candle crafting and let your home be a haven of aromatic delight!

Skull Candles

Looking to set the perfect eerie ambiance this Halloween? Try making your own Skull Candle! It’s wickedly simple and the perfect addition to your haunted home decor!

Dried Flower Candles

Captivate hearts and commemorate special moments with our exquisite Dried Flower Candle. 


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